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portrait of happy family relaxing at homeAt Sage Family Dental Boston, we strive to bring quality dental care to families in our hometown of Dorchester and our neighboring Boston communities. We believe that having a trusted family dentist to look after you and your loved ones is key to your oral health. Backed by a well-trained team, our talented dentist, Dr. Sheina Jean-Marie, will make sure your family receives personalized dental care tailored to your specific needs and age.

If you're looking for reliable dental services and a compassionate team ready to go the extra mile to help you fulfill your smile goals, get in touch with us today!


What Are Family Dentistry Services?

When all members of your family visit our practice, your dental needs are all served under the same roof. Dr. Jean-Marie can provide attentive care and protect your oral health by keeping your family history in mind and identifying potential issues caused by genetics and lifestyle. This proactive approach helps to reduce or avoid problems before they even start.

We offer various treatments to help protect smiles of all ages. These family dental services include:

Thorough Exams & Patient Education in a Relaxing Environment

At Sage Family Dental Boston, our team puts great emphasis on early disease prevention through the use of advanced technology, routine exams, and patient education. During your examination, we look for any warning signs of disease, decay, or infection. Our staff takes precise images of your smile using a digital x-ray. We can also show you accurate pictures of your mouth on a big screen using an intraoral camera, so you can understand which part of your mouth needs treatment and why.

We strive to help you make well-informed decisions by answering all your questions and thoroughly explaining the treatments you need. Our quality dental procedures aim to give you long-lasting, functional, and aesthetically pleasing results.

What Type of Dental Care Do You Provide for Children?

little boy getting dental treatmentDr. Jean-Marie follows ADA recommendations, providing dental care for children by their first tooth eruption or when they reach six months old. As your children grow, their smiles change quickly, and since their baby teeth build the foundation for their adult smile, they need protection, careful monitoring, and rapid treatment for dental issues.

Here are a few of the prevention services and treatments we provide for our littlest patients.

Exams: We visually examine your child's mouth for any signs of decay or other health issues. Our team quickly spots any problems by taking precise images using digital x-rays.

Cleanings: Little ones are more prone to cavities since they are still learning to care for their teeth. Professional cleanings twice a year is effective in removing plaque and tartar from your child's teeth. This helps to avoid tooth decay. We also provide fluoride treatments to keep their teeth healthy.

Sealants: These are special clear coatings used to protect your child's most vulnerable back teeth. Sealants significantly reduce the risk of cavities by creating a long-term barrier that keeps food and bacteria off the enamel.

Fillings and Crowns: On the occasion that your child gets a cavity, we can use a filling to remove the decay and reduce the chances of further damage. For large cavities or a broken tooth, we can also provide a custom crown for even greater protection. Treating baby teeth is crucial to building a strong foundation for your child's developing adult smiles.

Pulpotomy: Pulpotomies treat a more severe infection and save as much of the tooth as possible. When decay is severe, we will refer you to an excellent pediatric dentist. We also provide children with frenectomies and gum disease treatment when needed.

Education: A significant part of what we do is to help children know how to care for their smiles. We use kid-friendly language and age-appropriate concepts to teach kids good habits. We educate parents on essential factors such as hygiene, nutrition, and ways to limit harmful foods and drinks like sodas and sugary snacks.

Our team has an engaging attitude to help kids feel safe and have fun during their visits. We have screens in each room and always have relaxing background music playing.

Restore Your Oral Health with Quality Periodontal Care

Since gums are the foundation that holds your teeth in place, taking good care of them is essential to maintain good oral health. The best way to prevent gum disease is to follow proper dental hygiene and undergo professional cleanings regularly. When you skip cleanings, or your home hygiene is poor, bacteria and plaque can build up, causing gum disease.

We help you protect and treat your gum health by providing the following services:

  • Regular Dental Cleanings – We schedule your professional dental cleanings every six months. We strongly recommend that you pair these in-office cleanings with proper oral hygiene at home to prevent future complications.
  • Scaling and Root Planing – Also known as a deep cleaning, may be necessary if your gum disease starts to advance. Scaling removes plaque and tartar by cleaning above and underneath the gums. Planing is used to smooth the root surface, helping the gums heal.

For more advanced gum disease treatment, we will refer you to a skilled specialist who can help restore your oral health.

Perfect Your Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry

Cheerful smiling coupleAn appealing, healthy smile can play an important role in your day-to-day life. If you feel dissatisfied with the way your smile looks, We can help make a difference. Dr. Jean-Marie offers comprehensive cosmetic dental care and can help you with a full smile makeover if needed. Our treatments address both the appearance and function of your teeth.

  • Teeth whitening helps you get rid of years of staining from your teeth, revealing your bright smile once again. We offer take-home teeth whitening kits which include lip retractors that help you spread the whitening gel evenly across your smile.
  • Veneers are the perfect solution to transform the size, shape, or color of your teeth. They cover the front portion of your most visible teeth with natural-looking shells. Veneers also help you mask chips, gaps, and cracks.
  • Crowns serve as cosmetic and restorative treatments. They are used when the damage is severe and bigger than a filling could handle. Crowns encase an entire tooth for durable, lasting protection. They are tooth-colored and look natural so they won't stand out when you smile.

Family Dental Services for All Dorchester Smiles

At Sage Family Dental Boston, Dr. Jean-Marie has a great passion for crafting smiles for people of all ages. We understand how a healthy smile can give you confidence and peace of mind. Get in touch with our friendly staff today with questions or to schedule a visit!



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